Paper cutting artist Nancy Schwartz-Katz makes one consider their own boundaries on social issues in her new exhibit Borders and Boundaries at the Shaker Community Gallery Opening reception is November 28 from 6:30 pm – 9 pm. Artist talk is at 7 pm.  

Schwartz-Katz uses her craft to explore contemporary social issues, conceptual themes along with a representation of her Judaic art. Through her use of color, paper choice and varied details, she is able to create unique symbolism aimed at enhancing a particular story. When creating a paper cut, Schwartz-Katz challenges herself to “see how delicately I can incise the design while still maintaining a continuous work of art. Through this and by incorporating iconographic symbolism conveyed in a technically sophisticated manner, I bring a modern approach to a traditional art.”

In Borders and Boundaries, co-curated by SCG co-founder Leslye Arian and SCG Board Member, Rev. Peter Faass, Rector, Christ Episcopal Church, each person is confronted with iconographic choices of where their own personal border or societal borders are. It pushes one to question whether the border has shifted one way or another in specific areas of living that are individually or group linked.

Says Rev. Faass, “Both Nancy Schwartz-Katz’s Judaica and her more secular works touch the human spirit in a way that draws us closer to what the great theologian, Paul Tillich calls the Ground of all Being.”  

A resident of Shaker Heights, the accomplished Schwartz-Katz has exhibited locally and nationally. Her art can be seen in Synagogues throughout Ohio and in corporations and homes across America and Canada.

Borders and Boundaries, continues through January 5, 2019. The Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm and Saturdays from 12-4pm or by appointment. Contact Leslye Arian 216-926-8842 or 


About Shaker Community Gallery: SCG aspires to create a venue for artists of Northeast Ohio to showcase their work, engage the community through ideals of creative placemaking, and to bring people together to inspire and to be inspired. SCG is enormously grateful for the support provided by the pastor and congregation of Christ Episcopal Church.