SCG accepts submissions from artists and designers. To submit work, please save all your documents into one PDF file sized no larger than 10mb. Include 7-15 examples of current art with your submission.

For curatorial submissions, please follow all steps in the Exhibition Proposal Guidelines, below, to assure your proposal will be fully considered. Any proposal not following the required format will not be considered for exhibition at Shaker Community Gallery. Submission of proposal should be saved into a single PDF document, sized 5 mb or less.

Exhibition Proposal Guidelines

1. Curator Contact Information: Please list curator’s name, contact information (including email and website), and proposed Exhibition Title. If more than one curator, please include each one’s name, and indicate which is the primary contact for proposal.

2. Brief Exhibition Statement: Include a 200 word or less statement that describes the concept for the proposed exhibition.

3. List of Exhibiting Artists: Include a list of proposed exhibiting artists to be included in the exhibition.

4. Artist Images/Image Information: Include sample images representing each proposed artist’s work with image information below each (1-2 images per page, 1 page per artist). Keep in mind Shaker Community Gallery is small and can only comfortably showcase the work of 2-6 artists.

5. Other Images: If artists for proposed exhibition are unknown, please include images or artists’ work that represent your vision. Please make sure to note this on your proposal, so as not to confuse the Exhibition Committee.

6. CV: Please include a CV for all curators submitting Exhibition Proposal.

Shaker Community Gallery’s Exhibition Committee meets regularly throughout the year. Only proposals submitted prior to the next scheduled meeting will be taken into consideration. Any proposal not accepted will be held for future consideration. If applicable, the Exhibition Committee may allow curators the opportunity to resubmit Exhibition Proposal for future consideration.

To submit your Exhibition Proposal, please email single PDF to Please list the subject heading for your email as follows, “SCG Exhibitionion Proposal: Curator’s Name.”