Parting of the Sensory

April 24-June 8, 2019
What is it about rules that make us want to break them? This is the territory that Should I or Shouldn’t I? explores. Curated by Dawn Tekler, the exhibition features the works of Hadley Conner, Katy Richards, and Eric Ripert and aims to explore rules, both adhering to them as well as breaking them in hopes of examining why humans create rules only to break them.



Paper cut by Nancy Schwartz-Katz

November 28-January 5, 2019
In the new show Borders and Boundaries, Nancy Schwartz-Katz uses her craft to explore contemporary social issues, conceptual themes along with a representation of her Judaic art . Through her use of color, paper choice and varied details, she is able to create unique symbolism aimed at enhancing a particular story. When creating a paper cut, Schwartz-Katz challenges herself to “see how delicately I can incise the design while still maintaining a continuous work of art. Through this and by incorporating iconographic symbolism conveyed in a technically sophisticated manner, I bring a modern approach to a traditional art.”

Balancing Act by Donald Black Jr.

July 11-September 8, 2018
Donald Black Jr. lives on, what he calls, “the gunshot side of Shaker Heights.” Shaker Heights is adjacent to the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood—the neighborhood where he lived as a child. Donald Black Jr. A Day No One Will Remember explores and photographs this neighborhood and the people around him creating striking and bold images of black children in their natural element. “They remind me of me,” says Black.

armor: A Female Perspective on Strength and Protection

April 4 – May 16, 2018
Curator and artist Margaret Stamm brings together six female artists whose works in varying media explore artistic expression as both powerfully protective and magical. armor: A Female Perspective on Strength and Protection features the work of Jordan Fine, Natalie Grieshammer, Meghana Karnik, Brittany Petures, Jess Sikon, and Lynnea Holland-Weiss.

November 8, 2017 – January 3, 2018
Fundamental in all works of art from the pre-historic to modern times, mark making is about human connection. Lines, Patterns & Textures: Mark Making features the work of Jennifer Adams, Michael Lombardy, Christine Mauersberger and Alan Mintz. Curated by Christine Ries.

Art of Dissent

August 26 – October 7, 2017
Keen observers of the world around them, four local artists express their dissatisfaction with the status quo: an abusive culture, economic inequities and polarizing political winds blowing across our country. The Art of Dissent features Gary and Laura Dumm, Liz Maugans, and Michelangelo Lovelace. Curated by Leslye Arian.

Mother Artists

April 22 – June 1, 2017
Balancing Work, Family, and Creativity: Mother Artists is a salute to the artwork of mothers, those who engage in the daily gymnastics of both professional creative endeavor and childrearing. These artists create work that speaks to the dualities found in science, social consciousness, form, and perception. Features the work of Nicole Condon-Shih, Lori Kella, Kari Russell-Pool, and Nicole Schneider. Curated by Scott Goss.