Art of Dissent

August 26 – October 7, 2017

Art of Dissent, an exhibit curated by Leslye Arian, featuring the art of Gary and Laura Dumm, Liz Maugans, and Michelangelo Lovelace. These keen observers of the world around them express their dissatisfaction with the status quo: an abusive culture, economic inequities,  and polarizing political winds blowing across our country. The Art of Dissent is alive and well in Shaker Heights and illustrates just what irks these artists. Explore where your own flashpoints ignite.

Community Conversations:

Owning Protest Art    Wednesday, September 13
Theresa Bembnister, Associate Curator, Akron Art Museum
Kim Bell, Assistant Professor, Hadden Chair of Psychoanalytic Child Development, Case          Western Reserve University Medical School

Dance of Opposition    Wednesday, September 20
Dr. Margaret Carlson, Producing Artistic Director, Verb Ballets
Courtney Laves-Mearini, Artistic and Executive Director, City Ballet of Cleveland
Mary Verdi-Fletcher, President/Founding Artistic Director, Dancing Wheels Company
Bill Wade, Founder, Executive/Artistic Director, Inlet Dance Theatre

Duos of Dissent    Wednesday, September 27
Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger, Poets, Educators, Literacy Consultants and spouses
Laura and Gary Dumm, Artists and spouses

The Spirituality of Dissent    Wednesday, October 4
The Reverend Peter Faass,  Rector of Christ Episcopal Church for 11 years; graduate of General Theological Seminary, ordained deacon and priest in 1999