Mother Artists

April 22 – June 1, 2017

Balancing Work, Family, and Creativity: Mother Artists is a salute to the artwork of mothers, those who engage in the daily gymnastics of both professional creative endeavor and childrearing. These artists create work that speaks to the dualities found in science, social consciousness, form, and perception. Features the work of Nicole Condon-Shih, Lori Kella, Kari Russell-Pool, and Nicole Schneider. Curated by Scott Goss.

It used to be believed that a female artist had to choose between pursuing a career or being a mother. This left many women isolated, trying to decide which path they wanted to pursue and left wondering whether becoming a mother would divorce them from respectable galleries, scare away potential collectors, and put them at a disadvantage to their male counterparts whom had the leg up by not necessarily being required to being the caregiver, should they have decided to have kids. But today, many women artists have proved that that belief was no more than a myth. Nationally respected artists such as Dana Schutz and Diana Al Hadid have proven that it is certainly plausible to pursue a career as an artist, while also raising a family at home.

Each of the women in this show has chosen different paths to pursue their careers, while also building their families. Their works speak to various dualities found in science, social consciousness, form, and perception. They challenge the expectations of the viewer, are innovators in their craft, and push the boundaries of what art is and where it can go. But, most importantly, each of these are artists are also Mother Artists, who manage their own career, while also being loving mothers.